THURSday, OCTOBER 15, 2020 (7-9PM)

LAB111 (cinema 1)

Arie Biemondstraat 111

1054 PD Amsterdam

7-9 PM / 19.00-21.00

All films are English spoken and/or English subtitled.

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The Challenge (Netherlands) by Mark Engelsman, Maurice Giltjes


When Sylvana was almost two years old she had meningitis. The doctors had to amputate both of her lower legs and one arm. At the age of sixteen she found passion in wheelchair basketball...

Duration: 00:01:10

Forgive and Not to Forgive (Hong Kong) by Elysa Wendi


Shared dialogues between Chang Yan and Chen Jun about their childhood trauma, contemplating the hatred they feel towards their fathers. The film juxtaposes the body movements and memories in the intimacy of an unknown space. One of them chooses to forgive and another one chooses not to.

Duration: 00:05:46

Fever is a bliss (Netherlands) by Ardina Lamers


In a private apartment, somewhere in Russia, a young man is ‘learning’ the English language. He clearly experiences difficulties pronouncing the absurd and grammatically incorrect phrases, which the invisible ‘teacher’ prompts to him. He suffers but doesn’t give up. As the strangeness of the phrases takes over, and the sense gets lost, the situation becomes increasingly ambiguous. The work addresses the adaptation to English as a global language, and the political and social implications thereof. The young man is captured in a game of power.


Duration: 00:06:57

TX - REVERSE (Austria) by Martin Reinhart, Virgil Widrich


What is behind the cinema screen? It is not surprising that cinema-in-the-cinema scenes are often used in horror films. For they irritate and unsettle by reminding us – the immobile viewers hidden in the cosy darkness – of our own questionable position. What if the forces of unlimited imagination penetrate through the canvas into our reality? In a way never before seen, "tx-reverse" shows the collision of reality and cinema and draws its viewers into a vortex in which the familiar order of space and time seems to be suspended.


Duration: 00:05:06

Shivering Wall (Taiwan) by Tseng Yu Chin


A dark room. A reverberating bass. A languid heap of teenaged bodies at a house party. A heavy atmosphere. A slight smog represents a spirit in the space. Is the spirit someone else? Is the smog another you – a parallel you from another world to look at your own body in this group full of chaos and desire? All you can do silently look down at your body, and move away quietly.


Duration: 00:10:00

Quince: Fifteen (United Kingdom) by Peiman Zekavat

A private video of Maria goes viral during a volleyball class in a high school in Lima, Peru. 'Fifteen' takes a look at cyberbullying and the culture of victim blaming.

Duration: 00:10:00 // Trailer

Daughter (Czech Republic) by Daria Kashcheeva


Should you hide your pain? Close yourself inside your inner world, full of longing for your father’s love and its displays? Or should you understand and forgive before it is too late?


Duration: 00:14:44 // Trailer

A Double Caprice at the Asylum (France) by Stéphane Rizzi


A film found in an abandoned psychiatric institution (circa 1987-2018).


Duration: 00:06:10 // Trailer

Wald (Netherlands) by Floortje Pols


The characters in this short drama will be carried away into the behavior of the other. They are shielding their own emotions and will constantly confront and avoid confrontation. Everything to keep going, to gain control over the other, and not to be vulnerable. In this way the public comes across the feeling of being trapped between the desire for invulnerability and the search for rapprochement.


Duration: 00:11:14

42 Dni/ 42 Days (Netherlands) by Nat Portnoy


42 Days focuses on the moment of confrontation of difficult family relations with a terminal disease, examining their impact on the manifestation of fear, pain, desperation and desire. The film is a visual diary, where the author takes the viewers onto a journey of different realisations regarding her personality, sexual and gender identity, body, needs and disillusionment surrounding the lack of control. This film speculates whether it’s possible to fully accept one’s fate as it reflects on the experience of queerness in a conservative, Catholic setting, the femme body and sex work.


Duration: 00:11:15