Tuesday, 19 OCTObER 2021


This screening session features 8 short films (see below). All films are English spoken and/or English subtitled.


LAB111 (cinema 2)

Arie Biemondstraat 111

1054 PD Amsterdam



Reserving tickets for this screening is no longer possible, but more free tickets will be available at the festival ticket desk at LAB111 starting 15 minutes before each screening. Seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Join us there!


Under current regulations all visitors are required to present a coronavirus entry pass (= a QR code showing you are fully vaccinated, have valid proof of recovery or a negative result from a coronavirus test taken less than 24 hours before entry). 


We are all on the same bus (Portugal)

By Nuno Serrão


Synopsis: We are all on the same bus, but some of us are more awake than others... Running time: 00:02:00


Festivals: InShadow Lisbon Screendance Festival (Winner Best Portuguese Film), Brussels Independent FF, BAC Madrid, LA Experimental FF, Boston Short FF, International Microfilm Festival, Astoria FF, and more.


About the director: Nuno Serrão is a Portuguese photographer, filmmaker, and creative director, interested in the dialogues between science and contemporary art. Each of his images considers how information is handled, shared and perceived, framing scenarios as micro-narratives, demonstrating a sensitivity and a curiosity for the planet and its inhabitants. (Aesthetica Magazine, 2019)

Helfer (Hungary) by Anna Szöllősi.jpg

Helfer (Hungary)

By Anna Szöllösi


Synopsis: 'Helfer' is about a young woman who is struggling with anxiety and recurring nightmares that she wants to end. She seeks out a helper, who offers an alternative solution, but in the process she must confront her greatest fears. The film details their relationship in a surreal world through symbolic events. Running time: 00:09:45


Festivals: Brussels Independent FF, Hong Kong Arthouse FF, Verona IFF (Winner Best Animated Film), Edinburgh IFF, PÖFF Shorts, Imaginaria FF, and more.


About the director: Anna Szöllősi (1989, Budapest) is an animation director. She is deeply interested in psychology and expressing her personal visions with surrealistic elements. One of her main goals in filmmaking is figuring out the right questions with an open mind.

The Cut (Canada) by Chloé Cinq-Mars.jpg

The Cut (Canada)

By Chloé Cinq-Mars

Synopsis: Recovering from a cesarean section, Emma finally meets her newborn son. As she overcomes her unfamiliarity and slowly falls in love with him, The Cut explores the complexity of the bond between mother and child. Running time: 00:17:00


Festivals: Fantasia International FF (Winner Best Actress, Best Editing), Brussels Independent FF, Boston Short FF, Vancouver IFF, Female Eye FF, Venice Film Week, Hof IFF, and more.


About the director: Chloé Cinq-Mars wrote the screenplay of La Voce, a short film directed by David Uloth, which traveled to over 150 festivals and was awarded 54 prizes. She also wrote the feature film The Far Shore, directed by David Uloth. The Cut is her first experience as a director.

It's So Charming (Denmark) By Svend Colding.jpg

It's So Charming (Denmark) By Svend Colding

Synopsis: Silvia, who is pregnant, is at her parents in-law wedding anniversary, and she has been looking forward to it because it's the first time she is meeting her boyfriend Christian's side of the family. Though she quickly realises that Christian has a horrible relationship with his father. Silvia and Christian had planned to announce the pregnancy, but can’t seem to find an appropriate time for it, due to the dysfunctional father-son relationship. Silvia decides to reconcile the two men, though this is proving easier said than done. A comedy-drama. Running time: 00:27:13


Festivals: Bucharest ShortCut Cinefest, Feel The Reel IFF, Moscow Shorts (Winner Best Director), Young Director Award (Winner Best Student Film), and more.


About the director: Svend Colding (1990, Aarhus) studied at the New York Film Academy. After returning back home he was hired as an intern on the Copenhagen based Feature Film “Idealisten”, directed by Christina Rosendahl. He is currently working as Assistant Director on tv-series as "Follow The Money" and "Ride Upon the Storm", while attending a filmschool called 18Frames.

Now (Norway) By Eili Bråstad Johannessen.jpg

Now (Norway)

By Eili Bråstad Johannessen

Synopsis: A visual poem made during self-isolation in 2020. Running time: 00:01:17


Festivals: Tromsø IFF, Short FF in Grimstad, Luleå IFF, and more.


About the director: Eili Bråstad Johannessen is a Norwegian visual artist/filmmaker and writer, based in Nordreisa (Norway) and Berlin. She's studied art photography at NISS (Oslo), and film at Nordland Kunst og Filmskole (Lofoten). Always having been interested in art photography, making films came as a natural extension – or addition, to the still photography. As an artist she loves to explore and work with different media and collaborate with other artists. She makes experimental films for theater and art spaces as well as working with more conventional film projects, analogue and digital photography, collages, sculptures and drawings and paintings. Together with the feminist art collective Tensememori she produces video material and live edits it in VJ performances.


Transponder (Belgium)

By Thomas Verijke

Synopsis: Emil is a photographer. He loves photos, he lives photos. “Transponder” explores his photographic obsession with both observed objects and personal experiences. Emil's life, his present as well as his memories of love and encounters are captured as a sequence of pictures taken with a camera. Moments can be zoomed in and reasons for separation investigated pixel by pixel. Life's episodes are viewed through a filter. Ultimately though, images remain only static snapshots of an ever-moving reality, and so Emil finds himself constantly searching for new moments. Looking. Running time: 00:14:24


Festivals: Brussels Independent FF, Boston Short FF, Leuven International Short FF, Obskuur Ghent, FF, Cut To: Gent, and more.


About the director: Growing up the son of a camera salesman, Thomas Verijke was always surrounded by the visual medium. From an early age he started taking pictures, understanding that the boundaries of a photograph are a way to create your own reality. He would enjoy manipulating time and space by capturing, cropping, saturating and blurring. Through thinking how the borders of a picture influence the inherent narrative, he started venturing into the audiovisual medium where the frame can be enlarged via sound. Creating space where there is none. Using the technical language of images and sounds has been his main tool to tell stories that are almost impossible for him to communicate through words.

Anywhere but home (Israel) By Yotam Laor.jpg

Anywhere but home (Israel)

By Yotam Laor



Synopsis: He will do everything not to return home. What home are you running away from? Running time: 00:02:40


About the director: Yotam Laor has extensive experience working as an actor, field reporter, writer, and assistant producer for television, cinema and commercials. Along his career Yotam was privileged to take part in highly invested productions by NETFLIX, such as "The "Green House", “Fauda" and “Typhoon” in addition to many well known Israeli productions (“Ninja Israel”, “Eurovision Israel” and more). He also directed and released dozens of online videos that became viral with thousands of views. Among his other works he has written and directed short films for the Israeli film foundation and commercial AR videos for Israel’s largest HMO. Not having the means to study in film school, Yotam gained his knowledge and experience through hard footwork, on set and behind the scenes.


Tender Age (FRANCE) by Julien Gaspar-Oliveri

Synopsis: Diane, sixteen, exclusively lives in the eyes of her mother, Sophie. Their symbiotic relationship is becoming more and more troublesome for the teenager. At school, she clumsily expresses her need to be loved the way she is at home, like when she trades a favor for a glance, in the toilets. Big mouth, provocative and attention seeker, the young girl tries to break away from her mother. For one week-end, she wishes to live like a grown up. Running time: 00:26:50


Festivals: Festival international de Clermont-Ferrand, Palm Springs IFF (Winner Best Live Action Short), Rhode Island FF, Brussels Short FF, Brussels Independent FF, and more. 


About the director: Julien Gaspar-Oliveri, actor and theatre and film director, studied theatre at the prestigious Conservatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique de Paris. He began directing films with an autoproduced short film, "Loin de Benjamin", followed by the short "Passe", then the critically acclaimed film "Villeperdue". The latter had a theatrical release in 2017, was screened at various festivals and was awarded the jury as well at the public prizes at the international Namur festival. His film "Tender Age" was broadcasted on Arte.