Tuesday, OCTOBER 13, 2020 (7-9PM)

LAB111 (cinema 1)

Arie Biemondstraat 111

1054 PD Amsterdam


7-9 PM / 19.00-21.00

All films are English spoken and/or English subtitled.

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Fragile Machines (United States) by Derek Johnson, Luke Smithers


Fragile Machines is an independent art film which tells the story of a married couple and the affairs that make their relationship irreparable. The film follows a non-linear, gestural narrative—shifting between seasons, homes, oceans and embraces fluidly and rapidly. The movement direction follows a form of contemporary dance: contact improvisation.

Duration: 00:06:07

Birth of a Poet (United States) by James Franco, Pedro Gómez Millán, Zachary Kerschberg


Birth of a Poet is a dramatic short film that captures the moment Stephen Dobyns transitions from a disillusioned journalist to an emerging poet. It is adapted from autobiographical poems.


Duration: 00:14:23 // Trailer

Exhibition (Germany) by Sylvia Borges


In an era of smartphones an exhibitionist struggles to get the attention he needs.


Duration: 00:03:16

Christmas Morning (United Kingdom) by Karni and Saul


A duvet fantasy animation. For Jack Savoretti. Duvet dwellers live in a secret soft blanket cave in a kids room. Mixed media live action and animation. Casual fantasy.


Duration: 00:02:48

At Midnight Plays A Dance-Tune (Netherlands) by Roy Seerden


When the Dutch filmmaker Roy Seerden’s mother dies, there’s no holding him back. Sex, drugs, roaming through the night: his life transforms into a bundle of energy, grief and detachment. At the same time, he can’t help thinking of Antoine, the strange neighbor from his youth. Antoine the non-conformist, who was eventually thrown out of his home and ended up on the street. Without putting it into words, Seerden draws an obvious parallel between Antoine and himself. Fast-cut collage of images, an experimental explosion of impressions that feel amazingly intimate.


Duration: 00:30:00 // Trailer

A Quack Too Far (Ireland) by Melissa Culhane


A fox settles down to sleep for the day, listening to the beautiful birdsong in the forest. However a noisy duck moves in next door and won’t shut up. What does the fox have to do to get some peace?


Duration: 00:03:19 // Trailer

Queen Crocodile (Belgium) by Charles Habib-Drouot


Rayna is a Bulgarian prostitute, working in Brussels’ Red Light District. One night, she shares a mystical and sexual moment with an African client, who dies shortly after. That night will haunt her…


Duration: 00:30:15 // Trailer